New and Effective Video Marketing Trends in 2016

Video is an essential part of our life today. Long gone are the days when we used to sit in front of a TV and watched a commercial or two. In the present scenario, a video can be watched anywhere, anytime. In fact, it is not even limited to commercials only. From a recipe to a birthday wish to the how-to’s, everything is done through a video these days.

Increase in the Video Culture

Back in July 2015, at a conference in Aspen, Colo, Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s chief executive stated that the top three priorities of the site in 2016 will be mobile, mobile, mobile.

Mobile Video Marketing is definitely the hottest trend of 2016 as more and more people are turning their head towards smartphones for every little thing. According to the latest studies, videos are watched by almost 75 million people in U.S every day. Video sharing is one of the most highly rated activities on the social media sites. Most of the videos are viewed on a smartphone or a mobile device. According to the publishers, 2016 will see the increase in revenues from 24 percent up to almost 30 percent.

Jessica Riches from LMW Labs says: Video marketing in 2016 will be a focus on a richer experience that gives exclusive access to brand culture – allowing consumers to get to know the company better. Whether this is audiovisual informational content, behind-the-scenes updates or live streams from the office, it’ll build a deeper connection between brand and consumer.

Video on the Go!

Modern video watching is completely different from the traditional commercials. Today’s video is all about accessing it on the go. Whether it is a long train route or just a 10-minute taxi ride from one block to another, a video can keep you entertained. Even during a commercial break on TV and Theatres, people reach out to their mobiles for some kind of internet activity. Most of the video sharing on social sites is done during these moments. Some big businesses have realized this and they’ve been in touch with their viewers since a long time

The Millennial Trend

It is no longer about banners and social media ads. If your target audience mostly consists of the Millennial, then you definitely need to utilize the video marketing techniques. Today’s audience no longer gives importance to direct brand marketing. It is all about the subtle messages conveyed to your audience. You need to engage your audience both mentally and emotionally through a 10 second -20-minute video. Millennial is a generation greatly influenced by these online ads, so it is just the thing to get interactive with your audience through dynamic, engaging, and influential videos.

An Investment that Pays Off

It is about time that you get on the bandwagon of Mobile Video Marketing. Investing in a good video to connect to your customers will prove to be the best move of 2016 for you. The content is good, but it is the video that spices up your marketing efforts. The dynamics of a video are totally different and more influential than the content. A video has the capacity to capture the viewer’s attention and retain it more easily. The modern viewer is more audio-visually oriented than being a reader. Videos leave a more lasting impression on the customer’s mind. So, overall it is an investment that is guaranteed to pay off if you have a vibrant, impressive, funny and intriguing video that’s going to touch the hearts and minds of your viewers in 2016.


Mobile Video Marketing Can Increase Your Productivity in 2016

Video is one of the hottest mediums today to connect with anyone. Modern technology and the smartphones have made it very easy for everyone, even those who have no experience of creating a video. For businesses who want to keep in touch with their users, video is an extremely useful source. SEO experts and webmasters looking for profits and output cannot deny the importance of marketing through a mobile video in today’s scenario. In the following lines, you will find 5 ways in which you can increase your productivity in 2016, using mobile video marketing.

1.Search Engines Love Mobile Videos

Search Engines are in love with videos, especially if they could be accessed on a mobile. A video that becomes viral is a much more effective source of marketing than all the other techniques put together.

Content which is embedded with a couple of videos ranks higher in the search engines. With the arrival of Google’s Mobilegeddon, it is essential for every website to be mobile friendly; thus, a mobile friendly website with videos that can obtain user retention is a complete package. When a user opens your website it is much easier for him or her to watch a video demonstration compared to reading a whole page or in fact, a couple of pages about what you actually do. With the right keywords and a video on your mobile-friendly website, you can ensure that your website is ranked higher.

2.Exposure on Social Media

Most of the people spend their time on social networking sites these days. A video that becomes a favorite is shared hundreds of times via mobile. In this way, your business has great exposure to a lot of permanent and potential customers.

3.Attract Clients to Your Website

You may have come across a video on a social site or any other place that impressed you a lot. And this led you to the website for more video content. And that’s how you gain visitor’s retention on the page. An entertaining video can attract clients much faster than the text or any other means. Of course, more visitors to your website means more traffic and eventually more business.

4.Clear Doubts- Increase Sales

Seeing is Believing – A video is an excellent way to clear any doubts that a customer has about your product. For instance, you own a business of kitchen accessories. Now, imagine a housewife who has been grocery shopping and now waiting for her turn in the long queue before the cash counter; to kill her time, she is surfing online on her smartphone and comes across a video demonstrating how one of your products works. She may order one your products, then and there; thus an effective marketing of your products on the go.

5.Personalized Experience for Your Customers

Nowadays, video experience is all about anywhere and anytime. A mobile friendly website with a virtual store where you give your visitors a video tour is definitely a smart move. Marketing these days is all about connecting with your customer and what better way to approach your customers than a video which gives them a fair idea where they are going to invest their hard-earned dollars. Many of the businesses who are flourishing are doing intelligent mobile video marketing, by personalizing the video according to the customer’s needs and habits.

These are just some of the ways in which mobile video marketing can lead to an increase in your productivity. It is advantageous for your brand recognition and obtaining customer’s attention. Marketing through mobile videos is here to stay for a long time and those businesses that are still hesitant to join the league, are in danger of falling out of the competition completely.