5 Reasons Why SEO Experts Do Not Offer Any Guarantees

When searching for the best San Diego SEO experts or the leading Bay Area SEO companies, you’re likely to come across a range of businesses that offer “guaranteed results”. As tempting and enticing these offers sound, the truth is that there are no guarantees to SEO results. Here are a few reasons why.



When searching for the best San Diego SEO experts or the leading Bay Area SEO companies, you’re likely to come across a range of businesses that offer “guaranteed results”. As tempting and enticing these offers sound, the truth is that there are no guarantees to SEO results. Here are a few reasons why.


Many organizations like to claim that they have an SEO genie in a bottle. Give the lamp a few rubs (i.e. a few hundred dollars worth of fees for the company), and your search engine rankings are bound to skyrocket. Ever wondered why their emails always end up in your spam folder?

Most of the organizations that make such absurd claims are scams. The technical and complex nature of SEO, Google’s ever-changing algorithm and several other factors make it impossible for one to offer SEO guarantees of any sort. No expert is willing to offer guarantees for things they have no control over.


Search engines, especially Google, expressly forbid users to fall into the lure of SEO guarantees. In its detailed code, Google clearly states that no one can (and should) offer any guarantees on # 1 ranking in the following words:

“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a ‘special relationship’ with Google, or advertise a ‘priority submit’ to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.” –Google Search Console Help


If you have engaged in SEO yourself or have an in-house SEO team, you may be well aware of what this point means. Search engine rankings for particular keywords are not mixed. They are dynamic and are constantly changing from one moment to another or from one computer or mobile phone to another.
This makes SEO a particularly interesting (read: challenging) job. And for this very same reason, no SEO expert can, at any point, offer a guarantee with respect to keeping your search results ranking fixed at all times.


Shipping businesses, such as FedEx, have a fleet of vehicles to ensure speedy delivery. This makes them accountable for their performance. Similarly, an auto insurance company is liable to bear all repair costs, in the event you face an accident. However, SEO companies do not work like that.

SEO experts have no control over search engine results. They do not have any influence over search engine’s crawlers and algorithm. This makes their job inherently risky and less predictable. Offering guarantees over something they have no control over will raise several ethical concerns for the business.


Many experts believe that SEO rankings do not measure a business’s overall performance. This means that your business may have quality content, rich snippets, keywords and responsive websites, but poor customer reviews. Can any SEO strategy be helpful in improving your business image or product quality?

This means that any guarantee offered with respect to SEO will not be helpful in improving customer feedback or making your business profitable.

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5 Tips from Blogging Experts Worth Considering

Blogging is often thought of as the perfect blend of arts, science, and marketing. As a result, there is no one “right way” of getting it done. The key is to deliver whatever your clients paid you for. Here are a few tips from blogging experts for all experienced, as well as first-time, bloggers.

Blog concept with young woman wearing red glasses in her home office


Blogging is often thought of as the perfect blend of arts, science, and marketing. As a result, there is no one “right way” of getting it done. The key is to deliver whatever your clients paid you for. Here are a few tips from blogging experts for all experienced, as well as first-time, bloggers.

Brian Clarke, CEO- Copyblogger

As a blogging expert with several years of experience, Brian advises writers on understanding their audience better than they understand themselves. It often requires a lot of questioning and research, but at the end of the day, all that trouble is worth it.

Simply ask your readers across various social media platforms with an engaging quote. If your readers respond positively to the quote, then the topic is definitely worth writing about. This technique works wonders if you’re coming up with a new and unique idea for a blog.

Neil Patel, Founder-KISSmetrics

Neil advises all professional and amateur bloggers to be consistent. It is one of the most important aspects of blogging. It is far easier to lose your web traffic rather than building it up, so make it a point to blog on a consistent basis.

This observation was further proved with a research by Hubspot. It conducted a two-month study, which revealed that businesses publishing frequent blog entries (at least two per week) succeeded in adding subscribers much faster than companies that added content only once a week.

Kristi Hines, Freelancer

Having worked with various organizations, Kristi advises bloggers to start building their own email list from day one. Even if you do not plan to sell anything, having a standby email list will allow you to promote your content and communicate with your target audience easily. This way, you need not worry about your search rankings.

When promoting your blogs through email listing, you can always experiment with your writing style and creativity. For instance, if you replace the line “subscribe by email” to “get jobs by email”, you can substantially improve your subscription rate- as Willy Franzen found out.

Darren Rowse, Founder- ProBlogger

For any business, customer retention is as important as an acquisition. Blogging is no exception to this rule either. If you have an avid reader base, you should appreciate them and encourage them from time to time. Look for new readers each day, but make it a point to thank your existing ones.

A blog is more than just online content. It is a promise to your readers that you always have something for their taste. This is what separates your blog from a generic newspaper article- a strong call to action with reader benefits and an emotional appeal.

Jeff Bullas, Author- Blogging the Smart Way

Everyone loves free gifts and giveaways. Your readers love that too. And that’s where Jeff Bullas comes in with his advice of giving away a truckload of free content that adds value to the readers’ lives. Websites with giveaway contest get nearly twice as many email subscribers are others. However, care should be taken when creating new content. It should be relevant, focused and to the point.

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5 of the Worst Social Media Marketing Campaigns EVER! 😞

In this article, “5 of the Worst Social Media Marketing Campaigns EVER!” are mentioned. Worth reading out to avoid the mentioned mistakes in your marketing campaigns to make them successful.


Social media marketing is ever-evolving. If used properly, a social media marketing campaign can help enhance your brand appeal and get you hot leads. However, there are some campaigns that fall flat. Here’s a list of five of the worst social media marketing campaigns that San Diego SEO experts advise you NOT to follow.

American Rifleman

With the ongoing debate on gun laws in the US, American Rifleman is already having a hard time convincing people to buy guns. Its association with the National Rifle Association has also been viewed with skepticism by pro-gun law activists.

In what was one of the most ill-timed social media marketing campaigns, the magazine posted a pro-gun tweet just when the US was recovering from the tragic Aurora Shooting Incident. The live tweet was met with severe criticism and forced the company to suspend its Twitter account for some time.


The use of hashtags has become a rage now. From celebrities and politicians to entrepreneurs and conglomerates, people are using hashtags to become trendy and start discussions. While there are several success stories, McDonald’s, unfortunately, got the bitter taste of it.

The fast-food giant started a new hashtag “#mcdstories” to engage with its customers. What followed next was a spectacular backlash as tech-savvy customers took to Twitter to post horrible stories about the company’s products. McDonald’s later admitted that their hashtag plan was a terrible idea.

American Apparel

Capitalism is all about opportunities. Successful businesses know when to seize opportunities and make millions. However, social media is one place where people resort to all sorts of unethical means to promote their viewpoint. And no one proves it better than American Apparel.

The popular fashion brand used Hurricane Sandy as the perfect opportunity for their promotions. With a flat 20% discount for 36 hours for those “stuck in the home and bored by the storm”, the company’s marketing gimmick incurred the wrath of angry customers and civil groups who called this campaign highly insensitive and inappropriate- in view of the damages hurricanes cost to the US.

J.P. Morgan

All of us who are active on social media know that the internet is a cruel and unforgiving place. It’s where internet trolls, elitists, disgruntled citizens, conspiracy theorists, self-styled reformists and God-knows-what lurk around, looking for the perfect gullible victim to take on. Unfortunately, J.P. Morgan became victimized with its social media marketing idea.

In an effort to reach out and engage with its customers, the company arranged a Q&A session on Twitter. Obviously unaware of the trouble it was getting into, Twitter users left no stone unturned in harassing the company over the next six hours with annoying and, at times, offensive questions.

Spearmint Rhino

There are some social media marketing ideas that are so cringe-worthy that they best belongs in one’s head. Which is why when this popular strip club chain let lose its “creative idea”, all hell broke loose on social media. And it is quite understandable why.

The company posted a photo of a baby with the caption “guess which one of our Rhino girls’ this baby belongs to?” The marketing experts at Rhino were careless enough not to notice that the photo was dated 1998- as printed in large across it. This suggests that the baby, in question, was actually 15 at the time the photo was put up by Rhino. This led to both confusion and concern as to whether the company employs minors.

10 Tools To Boost Your Sales And Efficiency ❤️️

If you want to boost your sales then, you must check out this article because it has the 10 effective tools listed which will help you out in boosting your sales 👍.

Companies are always looking for ways to increase their revenue, and they want to find ways to improve their sales volume. However, sales people are having more difficulty getting the leads they need to close deals.

The competition in today’s business world is fiercer than it has ever been, and it’s becoming more of a challenge for smaller companies to get the sales they need to improve their profitability. That’s why they need to have the right tools to help them manage their campaigns, and that’s why they need access to the right information to help them improve their sales strategy.

Here are some tools that could help businesses manage their sales process a little better, which can help them make the money they need to survive in today’s fast-paced market.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a “one-stop shop” for everything related to sales management, and when it comes to these types of tools, Neil Patel calls it “the cream of the crop.” Businesses can manage every part of the sales cycle, and it includes everything from email campaigns to detailed analytics. Companies can get insights about the amount of traffic each campaign is generating, so they can get a better idea of which product or service is performing more strongly.

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has become the biggest professional network on the web, so that it has its own sales platform only makes sense. It has many tools that businesses can use to get more leads, which they can convert into sales. It also has advanced searching capabilities so companies can find leads that are right for their business.

3. Yesware

Yesware has many advanced tools that can give businesses powerful insights into the success of their campaigns, and they can even share data with other people on their sales team. Yesware can give advice on where and how to improve, and it can provide valuable data in real-time. This can be useful for someone who needs access to the right information quickly.

4. SalesLoft

SalesLoft has a number of features that can help salespeople convert leads into appointments, and it has an auto dialer that can help them improve their productivity. There are several templates that can help businesses create email campaigns, and they’re provided with detailed data so they can track their responses. SalesLoft claims that their platform can improve their lead-to-appointment conversion by 300%!

5. Toutapp

Toutapp is another all-purpose sales tools that can help businesses track the effectiveness of their strategies, and it can keep an eye on how well they’re communicating with prospects. Toutapp can help salespeople schedule appointments, and it will send reminders about any tasks that need to be done throughout the day. Toutapp is a powerful tool that can help a company’s sales force make the best use of its time, and it has a series of templates through which they can communicate with customers.

6. ClinchPad

When it comes to CRM software, ClinchPad is simpler than most, and it’s designed for smaller teams that want to improve their efficiency. The Sales Dashboard has all kinds of data to help sales teams improve the way they interact with customers, and it can help them manage the selling cycle more effectively.

7. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is another CRM solution that can give businesses everything they need to manage the sales process, and it can give them detailed information and statistics that can help them improve. It can even help businesses keep track of deals that are still in progress.

8. SalesCloud

SalesCloud can help businesses get smarter about how they manage their sales force, and it can help them close deals more quickly. The tools that this service provides can help salespeople be more productive while they’re on the floor, and it even has CRM software to help them manage the selling cycle.

9. InsideView Sales

This tool is designed to help businesses get the right leads for the product or service they’re offering, and it can give them valuable information on how to turn them into sales. It can help companies target the right prospects so they can improve their productivity, and it can give them important information on each one they contact.

10. Clari

Clari is a useful tool that can help sales teams improve their strategies to get more results, and it hopes to eliminate any confusion about the overall performance of company’s sales force. It shows them areas upon which they can improve, and the information that this tool provides can help salespeople close more leads. Detailed forecasting can help sales managers coach their staff so they can make more money for the company, and it even offers information about the profitability of closing a particular sale.


Managing the sales cycle is important to the long-term success of a business, and it’s how it can make the money it needs to survive. That’s why companies need to have the right tools to manage the sales cycle more effectively.

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How To Make Your Website More Trustworthy?

There are multiple ways from which you can make your website trustworthy and enhance its credibility. Some of the ways are listed in this post 🙂



Ways of Making Your Website Trustworthy


Any effective business relationship is eventually going to be based on trust. If individuals will purchase your items or pay for the services, they initially need to trust you to deliver on your promises; what that implies for entrepreneurs is that you need to make yourself trustworthy.

There are numerous features to this, obviously, beginning with item and service offerings that fulfill their value propositions. At this point, there is the matter of your website. Since your site is your virtual retail facade and makes the first impression of your brand on our customers, you must guarantee that your website passes on reliability.

Generally, it just takes someone a few moments to figure out if they need to stay or leave your website—which can be the contrast between a deal you’ve been waiting for, or the loss of a client.

You will find below the importance of trustworthy website and tips that San Diego SEO Masters believe that it will encourage a sense of trust in your website.

Importance Of Having A Trustworthy Website

With the chance of frauds, malware, or even poor customer services, people are very cautious with their clicks than ever before.

Since you are running an online business where a deal is taking place, you should be hyper-attentive of how your business and website are seen.

Fortunately, you don’t need to stress over the security of your checkout in case you’re utilizing a hosted arrangement— but what about the method of really getting a client to that point?

How you can get a client to trust the features of your website so they can come to the point of buying or making a deal.

Security is progressively more a key concern for clients as they steer the digital world. They want to know the best interests of the company and want security for their personal information.

Trust includes the conviction that an organization is decent and law-abiding while indicating that it cares about its clients. At the point when individuals trust the information and options displayed, they won’t go somewhere else.

Tips To Make Your Website More Trustworthy

1. Aesthetically Pleasant Design

An aesthetically pleasant website will demonstrate the visitor that you are serious, and have spent time and money to make your original website instead of hacking one.
An elegant website (not to mistake for over-designed) gives the impression that you have spent time and money, instilling trust.

2. Be Careful With Displaying Ads

Banners and pop-up advertisements can help you create additional income by your company’s website but a website which is stuffed with ads for irrelevant products will appear to be unprofessional or fraudulent. Discard the irrelevant ads and make sure your entire website is about you and your valued clients.

3. Be Available For Your Clients

Make it clear that any client who needs to contact you will have the facility to do so. Give contact information through your website, with a Contact Us page. Try not to act like you are hiding from your clients; that will barely make them more trusting.

4. Make It User-Friendly

One way to guarantee that your site appears to be trustworthy is to position it as an asset—not only an attempt to close the deal but a place where customers can go for information. An effortlessly accessible search option will indicate buyers that you truly need them to be able to use your website.

5. Tell About Yourself Or The Company

One of the best ways to instill trust in new visitors who are interested in your company or products is to add a good About page to your site.

Make the visitors feel they know you and your website, and send them to the essential content on your website, content they are probably going to be interested in.

6. Display Testimonials and Reviews

Whether you have Facebook ratings, Google reviews, or essentially constructive remarks that clients have emailed you, make sure every visitor can see them somewhere on your site.


You require potential clients to feel like you are truthful and deserve their investment. Use these tips to let your website go a long way in this regard.

5 Reasons Why Your Web Designer Sucks!

In this post there are 5 reasons listed which shows that why your web designer sucks.

Web Design

One of the many frustrations San Diego SEO businesses face is cleaning up the damage caused by inexperienced and unprofessional web designers. Whether you have your own in-house web designing team or you’ve engaged an SEO company (or freelancers) for the purpose, here are 5 reasons why your web designer simply sucks.

Lame Excuses

From using the word “impossible” to the phrase “I can’t do this” or “this job is not meant for me”, a lousy web designer has a laundry list of lame excuses for not getting the job done. If you come across an amazing web design and ask your designer to come up with something similar, and he/she responds with a firm “No. It’s impossible!” then you need a new designer.

There may be a few logical reasons why your web designer is being a pessimist (e.g. budget limitations, site configuration issues, responsiveness or time constraints). Make sure to sit and discuss, in detail, the reasons why your designer is not honoring your request, before considering replacement.

Update Impossible

Professional designers take extreme caution when updating a website. Even the slightest change can mess up the website really bad. This is why unprofessional designers often make their web designs almost impossible to update. A well-framed website is designed in such a way so as to survive all plug-ins and updates to the WordPress core. The owner should always be able to update his/her website.

Cheapest Choice

Web design and development is not an easy task. It requires education, training and a lot of practice- along with a creative and alert mind. Because of the rigors and attention to detail involved, web designers don’t come cheap.

If you come across a web designer willing to provide a fully functioning and highly responsive website within $100, then it might be a good idea to look elsewhere for help. There’s always a risk that this web designer is not as experienced as others.


Ideally speaking, a web designer should know the code and have some knowledge of how websites function and the internet works. There’s no point in investing in a flashy and creative web design that takes several minutes to load.

While all businesses want and need professional and attractive web designs, they also want it to function well on all screens. This means that your designer should think beyond installing plug-ins to make your website work. The web designer should also be able to point out and explain why certain web features are likely to affect the loading time.

Post-Development Help

Many freelance web designers fear of losing customers and clients. As a result, they make their client websites almost impossible to upload. Consequently, the clients turn to web developers to do the trick. This means more repeat clients for the smart, yet unprofessional, designer.

A professional web designer will offer intensive web management training after the website is completed. He/she will also transfer complete administrator rights to the client and will be happy to assist in addressing any post-implementation queries and questions of the client.

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4 Ways A Social Media Agency Can Favor Your Business

Do you know how “Social Media Agency” can provide benefits to your business? If no, then check out this post to increase your knowledge.

Social Media Agency

Social media agencies can help your business unlock its full potential to foster strong, personal connections to thousands of people in your target market. The following are some of the most valuable ways that social media agencies can benefit your business with their expertise.

Giving you more time and energy to devote to other priorities

Social media marketing is an ever-changing science that demands a great deal of patience and critical thought even from people who have years of experience with it. Naturally, if you have a business to run, you probably don’t have time to take months off of work to become a social media guru.

Instead of struggling to succeed at social media through trial and error, you can entrust the task to people who have already become successful through years of trial and error.

With a professional agency handling your Facebook and Twitter research, you and your team can devote full energy to in-house priorities instead of studying promoted post analytics all day.

Consistent content publishing and promotion

Social media marketing isn’t just about publishing and promoting content, but committing to a consistent publishing and promoting schedule. Once a business or influential person’s followers have grown accustomed to a certain frequency of new content, sticking to that frequency is the key to retaining them.

A social media agency will be able to build a backlog keep up a consistent content promotion schedule flowing for you, removing the pressure of having to do so yourself among other priorities.

Creative repurposing to maximize content value

Your hired social media agency doesn’t necessarily need to create brand new content in order to help your business provide fresh value. The agency can propose and enact strategies to repurpose your old content, such as blog posts, into more dynamic forms like infographics and outsourced videos.

Better relationship marketing through smart trend leveraging

Capitalizing on trends can be an effective strategy to make the business more relatable, but not every trend is the right one for your business to get involved with. When a business tries to involved in a trend that doesn’t suit it, it can come off as a desperate reach for relevance.

An experienced social media agency can pinpoint the areas of overlap between your business’s unique nature and any trends that can be leveraged with authenticity.


A truly professional social media agency will begin by asking about your top measurable goals, where it’s gaining more page followers or driving a higher click-through rate on social media ads.
Once fully aware of the results that you hope to see, the agency will work to leverage as much engagement as possible out your business’s content and its compatibility with current trends.

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