Top 5 SEO Tools For Promoting Your SEO Content

Every entrepreneur today knows the essence of SEO content for marketing and advertising products and services. This has gained more significance than all the traditional advertising methods such as newspapers and media. Promoting your SEO content is, therefore, imperative if you want to succeed in the current competitive business world.

You might have the right SEO content but marketing this to web surfers to attract traffic is very time-consuming. Fortunately, with SEO tools, you can smartly kill two birds with one stone. These tools can help you reach out to more people and also save on time while promoting your content. Below we discuss five that any small business owners who are new to San Diego SEO or SEO can easily use to promote their content and build traffic to their sites.

1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool –

Finding the right keywords is regarded as one of the most important steps for SEO content marketing. For new businesses, this tool can prove to be heaven-sent. You only need to search for a word or topic idea, and this tool will generate up to 800 keyword phrases that you can choose from. This list of suggested keywords can be arranged according to volume searches and will guide you in choosing relevant keywords for your content topics.

2. YesWare –

If you have been wondering whether all the emails that you sent out to promote your new site and content are being read, then this tool will offer a perfect solution. Yesware will give you specific details on who has opened your email and its contents. It will share the number of people who have downloaded attachments or clicked on links you sent via email. This can help you monitor your email promotional activity and change tactics where necessary.

3. BuzzStream –

This is an excellent, well-established tool for marketing your SEO content. It provides a platform for business persons to find contacts and send emails in bulk. You simply enter the domains and people you are looking to connect with, and the tool will give you their contact information and help you create the template message to send to them. Also, this tool will give you a record of the status of your connection to people you have contacted as well as those you are yet to contact and are on your list.

4. Ahref Content Explorer –

This tool gives you a list of the most popular content that has been written on topics related to yours. Such lists are generated by the number of shares on social media, and you can use them to come up with content that is relevant and likely to be shared by people in your niche.

5. BuzzSumo –

This tool also works in a similar manner as the Ahref content explorer and by searching for a particular keyword, you can get a list of popular content. You can also get the links to the specific sites as well as the people who shared the content. Apart from using this tool to generate excellent content based on what is popular, you can also reach out to the people who shared similar content.

Inevitably, SEO content marketing can generate a lot of traffic to your site and increase your ranking hence the need to promote your content. However, you need these tools to make your work easier and save time when promoting your SEO content.