7 Successful Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization is incomplete without the correct content. Content plays a key role  in helping Google rank a website. In fact, according to Google’s search quality senior strategist Andrey Lipattsev, it is one of the top 3 ranking factors of Google. In the article below, 7 successful content writing tips are discussed. Beginners in the field SEO content writing can benefit from it greatly.

1. Specific and Accurate

It is important to come up with relevant, specific and accurate content. Too many details can make the reader lose his/her interest, especially if the matter is repetitive. Also, make sure that the information provided in your post is not redundant and outdated. Fresh and updated content is essential to keep the attention of the reader. A concise presentation of the points is an effective strategy for your content. It is important that you make it very clear in the very beginning what you are talking about and your title should also reflect what is the purpose of your article.

2. Word Count

As far as the word count is concerned, there are two different views. According to some, the word count should be between 300-600 words and then there are some who believe that Google loves detailed content so it should range anywhere between 500-1000 words.

However, no matter whether it is the first range or the second one, your content should be fresh and updated. Unique and interesting content will keep the attention’s reader, no matter what.

3. Concise Paragraphs

Although, you may be writing more than 600 words, but your paragraphs should not be very lengthy. Write concise and to the point paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain one specific idea. Bulleted points are also an effective easy to present your ideas.

4. Short and Simple Sentences

Use short and simple sentences. Avoid clichés and too complicated language. Convey your idea in minimum words possible as the complex sentences tend to confuse the reader. Content which has short sentences is also mobile friendly.

5. Subheadings or Subtitles

It is recommended that you us subheadings or subtitles. Just like the main titles, subheadings are a preview of the paragraph/s given below them. It makes it easy for the readers to skim through the text if they don’t have time to read the whole article.

6. Tools/Apps

There are abundant resources online which can help you make your writing effective. You have tools and apps to write and analyze titles like Seopressor and CoSchedule. Then there are tools which can help you avoid clichés and write better sentences and paragraphs. Grammarly can help you identify the grammatical errors and Hemingway App can help you write quality content.

7. Proofreading & Plagiarism Check

It is extremely important to proofread your content before publishing as your writing reflects upon you. Using the apps and tools available online, get rid of any spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes.

Google penalizes plagiarized content. So, ensure that your content is not plagiarized in any way. You can use apps like Smallseotools to check if your content is 100% unique.

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