Top 3 Ranking Factors Revealed By Google

On 23rd March 2016, Google’s search quality senior strategist Andrey Lipattsev revealed the top three ranking factors by Google. Last year, it was mentioned that Rankbrain was the top third ranking factor of Google, but no hint was given about the first two factors.

However, amongst numerous other factors with which  Google ranks a website, the top three ranking factors are as listed below:

1. Content

2. Links pointing to your website

3. Rank Brain.

These top 3 ranking factors have been discussed briefly in this article.

It may sound a bit cliched but the fact is that for SEO, “Content is King”. Now that Google has mentioned the content as one of its top three ranking factors, it is even more important than before to concentrate on quality content. Google loves both quality and quantity where the content is concerned.

So what makes up the perfect content?

The features of a good quality content are as follows:

•Spelling and Grammar: It is essential that the content you are writing is grammatically correct. The language should be simple and there should be no grammatical errors. There should not even be a single spelling mistake.

•Catchy Titles: A title is the preview of your content, so it has to be catchy and very attractive.

•Unique: It is important that your content should be unique. It will not only be loved by Google, in fact, it would also be valuable to readers.

•Avoid Plagiarism: Plagiarism is heavily penalized by Google. So be careful not to plagiarize even a single sentence.

•Keywords: Place the keywords sparsely in the content. Do not swarm your content with keywords.


Another very important factor mentioned by Google is the links pointing to your website. Here are some of the features of the links that Google ranks.



•High Authority Links

Google only ranks both organic links, but they should be white hat links. If there is any hint of black hat and spammy links, Google will penalize you. Any kind of manipulation, whether manual or mechanical is considered violation by Google.

Basically, Google rewards the natural or organic links earned by your website.

Rank Brain

Last year, Google revealed Rank Brain as the third most important factor to rank the websites. Rank brain basically uses artificial intelligence to convert the written language into vectors so that the computer can understand it. Basically, Rank Brain makes the whole process of searching a  better experience for the users.

Five important features of Rank Brain are listed below:
•Rank Brain interprets even the most complex queries from the users and with its help Google returns with the most relevant results.

•Although 15% percent of the results are affected by this AI algorithm, the search update has become much better compared to the human think tanks.

•Search results’ quality has improved. More relevant and quality results are being revealed now.

•Presently, Rank Brain is integrated with other sections of the algorithm that affects the search engines and page rankings like Panda and Penguin.

•Anything that helps Google with producing better results is a useful addition. So, Rank Brain will be here to stay for a long time in the future.

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