There are multiple things to consider while keeping your focus on Search Engine Optimization. In such a situation, it is easy to make some blunders. After researching, I have made a list of 7 blunders that you can save yourself from.

Wrong Keywords – Wrong Results

With a specific goal to successfully update your site, you have to pick suitable keywords. Keywords are the key to getting the desired result in the world of Internet. In addition to the fact that they are utilized all through your content, they are likewise in charge of drawing in web crawlers. With the wrong keywords, you can miss precious prospects and inconvertible traffic.

Content in King

For SEO, content is king. If the content is not up to the mark, forget that you can attract any user. Good content means good traffic towards your site. With terrible content, even an excellent choice of keywords would fail. Quality matters! To keep your user glued to your website, provide them with high standard reading material which answers their queries.

Flash Websites can be a Big Disaster

Flash Websites are not extremely user-friendly which is a major kick-off. Along with posing difficulties for a user, these websites are also unfriendly towards search engines. Flash content is unreadable to the search engine spiders. Therefore, your site not listed in the index. Still, if you want to opt for a flash website then it is best to provide HTML as an option too.

Torrent of Keywords

If you think that you can maneuver Google’s search results with a torrent of keywords in your content, well you need to rethink your decision. This is the biggest mistake you can make. It not only corrupts your content, it sets off your users as well. The best way to use keywords is to use them sensibly throughout your content while making it easy for the reader to read it. It will also make it worthy of a search engine.

Broken Links can Break Your Customers

Websites have a tendency to attain broken links over the course of time, but it is always an annoyance to your guests and Google dislikes them as well. Bad standing in the World Wide Web will not take you anywhere.

So you better keep your site up to date and a regular cleaning spree is essential for good results.

Black-Market Links

With the latest updates that Google has made to its algorithms to Penguin, it is a major drawback for you to buy your links. It is considered an infringement because search engines expect you to build high standard links by quality content naturally. The only ways you can do it is by providing excellent content and earn your links through a proper channel.

Target Audience-Oriented SEO

Just imagine what would happen if you are an SEO company based in San Diego but you are targeting audience for flash website services. Do you think it would work? Of course, it won’t.

Why? It is because you targeted the wrong audience.

You need to make sure that your audience is able to read your content easily; they are kept interested in what is happening and if you are using unusual terms and terminology, it is clearly explained to your visitors.


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