10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Admit it- we’ve all used social media for more than just watching cat videos. It is one of the most important marketing tools of the 21st century. But if not used correctly, social media marketing (SMM) can be pretty disastrous for your business and reputation. Here are the top 10 SMM mistakes all businesses should avoid, as recommended by various San Diego SEO optimization.

No Planning

Many companies create flashy social media profiles & place glossy content, only to end up vanishing within a few weeks. Why you ask? Because, they didn’t plan and think their strategy through! Before doing anything, include your strategy and goals and time for interaction in your SMM plan.

Using Different Profiles

Organizations frequently manage different profiles and accounts across the same social media platform. All of their accounts link to their main website. This move is not only unethical, but also a complete waste of time. Instead, focus your energies in creating and maintaining only one social media account and dedicate your efforts towards it.


This black hat tactic never works. It is outdated and can make your SEO a nightmare. By throwing away links on your social media, which your readers will never click on, you’re seriously jeopardizing your entire online marketing strategy.

Minimal Interaction

In many cases, social media accounts have status/activity updates, but do not participate in the conversations. Lack of engaging conversations with followers alienates your target audience and makes them switch to your competitors.

No Followers

This is the worst thing that can happen to your business. By having a great-looking social media account, but with no real followers, you do not have any virtual support. This can weaken your entire social existence. To avoid this, slowly and gradually build a network of real people.

Missing Your Target

No matter how grand a social strategy you plan, always keep your target audience in mind. If you neglect your viewers and their needs, you’re at the losing end.

Under/Over Spending

SMM is budget-friendly. This doesn’t mean that one should either be a miser or a spendthrift about it. The idea is to prepare a budget and stick to it. You may be spending enough on social media, but you will need SEO experts for social media optimization.

Less Visibility

Social media is no place for shy businessmen. As its name implies, it is a tough and competitive place. If you don’t go out all gun-blazing and come up with really impressive SMM strategies, you’re likely to go unnoticed.


Social bookmarking is an important aspect of SMM. However, if you plan to bookmark all sites with back-links directly to your websites, without adding much to their relevance, then your business will not benefit from social media in any way.

Automated Link Posting

Another common mistake is when business owners and social media profile managers make automated back-links to the business website. While automation does ease up the load on one’s manual effort, it doesn’t really help improve your SEO. For all you know, your website may be marked as “spam” by Google search and you’ll end up losing your rank.


7 Expert Ways on How to Optimize Your Blog SEO for Inbound Links

Blackboard SEO Concept

SEO blog writers are always on a lookout to improve their rankings. Most of the San Diego SEO copywriters focus on content optimization. However, very few consider the benefits of inbound linking to reputable websites. This is one of the most effective ways to up your rank. Here are seven expert ways to add premium links to your content and improve your SEO.

Relevant Content

SEO begins with content. This is the first step towards generating incoming links. A blog post that is concise, to the point, user friendly and follows a problem-solving approach can succeed in generating links. In this regard, you should not only focus on quality content but also expand your social media outreach (e.g. by sharing videos and DIY tips).

Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on a highly ranked website, with sufficient traffic, is another way to generate quality incoming links. As a guest, you can request the website for a link to their website in exchange for a free guest post. If the publisher allows, you can add one or two links to your blog through related keywords (hyper-linking).

Press Releases

A good press release, when published online by a high-ranked website, can help you generate links. Again, the key to getting a good link is to publish quality content for your blog. If you’ve been tasked to write an online press release, you need to think and write like a reporter. A well-written and informative press release, with a clear call-to-action, can help you monitor and control all back links to your website.

Share Content

Be on a lookout for blogs and websites that offer a similar, or complimentary, content to yours. Let the writers know that you’re here. For instance, if you’re a lawyer with specialty in all property-related matters, it may be a good idea to share articles of a reputed realtor in your area. If you enjoy reading a blog, make sure to send the blogger an email appreciating his/her work.

Internal Links

Once your blogs have achieved a good search engine ranking, you can use them to create a few back links to your own web page. Although internal links come from the same website, they still help in improving SEO ranking. Internal link building, however, takes time. So be patient and focus on quality content, till you reach there!

Linking Others

Don’t be afraid to link other relevant blogs, even if they’re from your competitors, to your blogs and other publications. Linking to valuable content not only helps your readers, but also shows all incoming links in the other blog’s analytics. Many successful bloggers display all incoming links with their own personal comments.

Link Network

This is one of the most ignored steps to improving SEO. If you know a group of bloggers writing on the same topics as you, it is best to create a link network. The stronger and powerful your link network gets, the better quality inbound links you get and the higher your search engine ranking goes.


5 Tips to Maximizing Google Adwords

Saba SEO

What many businesses do not know is that there are ways to manage Google Adwords PPC campaigns without investing thousands of dollars. San Diego SEO experts have compiled five effective tips on how to maximize Adwords so that business owners can channel their funds to business development rather than draining it all away in online marketing.

Keyword Selection

When choosing keywords and phrases, it is important to make the smartest choice. The trick is to focus on short and meaningful key terms that will result in traffic, conversions and sales rather than generic keywords that will only add to your PPC budget.

Every time you focus on keywords that target the right user at the right stage, you can expect a large return on your PPC. For instance, a willing buyer may be searching on “used Honda cars” rather than “used cars for sale”. Keep this in mind when marketing your dealership online!


Adwords allows users to segment and target audience in a number of ways. These include Device Targeting, Day Targeting and Geographical Targeting. Day targeting is useful in adjusting keyword bids during different hours of the day, while geographical approach allows you to target specific locations.

When using these tools, consider your business needs. If you want to market your products/services for Gen Y, day parting can be useful as their keyword search is likely to vary throughout the day. For specialist services in specified areas, geographical tagging can be useful. You may also consider the latest upgrades to Adwords for your marketing needs, such as Enhanced Campaigns.

Negative Keywords

Negative key terms go a long way in fine-tuning your SEO. For instance, if your target audience is not looking for jobs or contracts, it is advisable to remove such terms from your keywords and keep unqualified traffic away. Negative keywords, combined with proper matches, can help you maximize your PPC ROI.

Match Types

Spend some time trying to understand the different types of match types PPC offers. You may consult SEO experts for this purpose. The three main types of Adwords searches include,

  • Broad- this match shows your website every time a user looks for keywords similar to yours.
  • Phrase- this will pop up your ad only when the user looks for the exact phrase you’ve selected
  • Exact- this will only direct traffic to your website who have looked up the exact keyword

Understanding each type of search is helpful in planning your PPC strategy. Each type of search can gives you more and more granularity for targeting. It will also help you bid for the right keywords and keep your PPC budget low.

Google Reporting

There a wide variety of reports that can give you insights to your PPC strategy and results. For instance, a Search Terms Report offers a complete list of all the search engine queries that result in your ad being shown. Another important feature is the Campaign Report. If you break down this report by the hour of the day, it can help you determine the exact times when most of the online searches around your keywords are taking place- allowing you to shift your budget to these “peak” times.

Busting 6 Myths on PPC

When it comes to becoming an absolute market leader, nothing works better than Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. This strategy allows Google and several San Diego SEO marketers to make a huge amount of money. For all its merits, PPC marketing is strife with rumors and myths. Here’s a look at the top six myths about PPC.


When it comes to becoming an absolute market leader, nothing works better than Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. This strategy allows Google and several San Diego SEO marketers to make a huge amount of money. For all its merits, PPC marketing is strife with rumors and myths. Here’s a look at the top six myths about PPC.

Google Propriety

One of the most common myths about PPC marketing is that it is Google’s propriety. In other words, emerging and established businesses will have to work with Google to market their brand. However, that is not the case.

Google’s famous AdWords program is just one of the many online PPC marketing platforms. All search engines, such as Yahoo, MSN and Bing have their own PPC models. If you’re finding Google AdWords to be a little pricy, you can look for other budget-friendly PPC vendors and marketers.

Price Tag

Many believe that PPC is expensive. This is because this marketing technique is owned and operated by popular search engines, with an annual turnover in millions of dollars. This statement is as true as you want to make it.

Most of the PPC programs allow businesses to plan their monthly budgets. This allows you to spend as much (or as little) on your campaign as you want to. Even if your budget is tight, PPC campaigns can still prove effective if you’ve selected the right keywords and included sufficient links in your online content.

Auto Mode

Another popular misconception about PPC campaigns is that there’s an autopilot mode available. Businesses believe that once they invest in PPC, they need not worry about their campaign. This is where they are wrong.

Constant experimentation is the key to a successful PPC strategy. You will have to search for new and high-ranking keywords and stay up-to-date with the latest search trends. Successful PPC strategies also involve different ad phrasings that can lead to better search results.

Click Fraud

Click fraud is one of the most widely used ways to ruin someone’s PPC campaign. It occurs when another website, through machines, keeps clicking your ads. Since you have to pay for each click to the search engine, click fraud is likely to drain your budget.

With so many upgrades to search engine programs, it is highly unlikely that you will have to bear a click fraud. Search engine algorithms are efficient in detecting fake and fraudulent clicks. They will not charge you a single cent for any of such clicks.

No. 1 Position

Despite what marketing gurus say, getting the number 1 slot for your ads on a search engine is NOT the target of PPC. And it should never be your target either. Research has shown that ads placed in the 2nd and 3rd spots on search engine get a higher number of genuine clicks.

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When it comes to PPC marketing, what really matters is your ad wordings. If your ad is compelling and has the right keywords, it is bound to get a high number of clicks- irrespective of its placing on the search engine.

Organic Search

The final misconception many businesses (even PPC marketers) have is that this listing isn’t important for a website with a high organic search ranking. To be honest, PPC marketing and high organic ranking go hand-in-hand. They are both equally important in reinforcing your product/service quality and business legitimacy.

5 Reasons Why SEO Experts Do Not Offer Any Guarantees

When searching for the best San Diego SEO experts or the leading Bay Area SEO companies, you’re likely to come across a range of businesses that offer “guaranteed results”. As tempting and enticing these offers sound, the truth is that there are no guarantees to SEO results. Here are a few reasons why.


When searching for the best San Diego SEO experts or the leading Bay Area SEO companies, you’re likely to come across a range of businesses that offer “guaranteed results”. As tempting and enticing these offers sound, the truth is that there are no guarantees to SEO results. Here are a few reasons why.


Many organizations like to claim that they have an SEO genie in a bottle. Give the lamp a few rubs (i.e. a few hundred dollars worth of fees for the company), and your search engine rankings are bound to skyrocket. Ever wondered why their emails always end up in your spam folder?

Most of the organizations that make such absurd claims are scams. The technical and complex nature of SEO, Google’s ever-changing algorithm and several other factors make it impossible for one to offer SEO guarantees of any sort. No expert is willing to offer guarantees for things they have no control over.


Search engines, especially Google, expressly forbid users to fall into the lure of SEO guarantees. In its detailed code, Google clearly states that no one can (and should) offer any guarantees on # 1 ranking in the following words:

“Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a ‘special relationship’ with Google, or advertise a ‘priority submit’ to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.” –Google Search Console Help


If you have engaged in SEO yourself or have an in-house SEO team, you may be well aware of what this point means. Search engine rankings for particular keywords are not mixed. They are dynamic and are constantly changing from one moment to another or from one computer or mobile phone to another.
This makes SEO a particularly interesting (read: challenging) job. And for this very same reason, no SEO expert can, at any point, offer a guarantee with respect to keeping your search results ranking fixed at all times.


Shipping businesses, such as FedEx, have a fleet of vehicles to ensure speedy delivery. This makes them accountable for their performance. Similarly, an auto insurance company is liable to bear all repair costs, in the event you face an accident. However, SEO companies do not work like that.

SEO experts have no control over search engine results. They do not have any influence over search engine’s crawlers and algorithm. This makes their job inherently risky and less predictable. Offering guarantees over something they have no control over will raise several ethical concerns for the business.


Many experts believe that SEO rankings do not measure a business’s overall performance. This means that your business may have quality content, rich snippets, keywords and responsive websites, but poor customer reviews. Can any SEO strategy be helpful in improving your business image or product quality?

This means that any guarantee offered with respect to SEO will not be helpful in improving customer feedback or making your business profitable.

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5 Tips from Blogging Experts Worth Considering

Blogging is often thought of as the perfect blend of arts, science, and marketing. As a result, there is no one “right way” of getting it done. The key is to deliver whatever your clients paid you for. Here are a few tips from blogging experts for all experienced, as well as first-time, bloggers.

Blog concept with young woman wearing red glasses in her home office


Blogging is often thought of as the perfect blend of arts, science, and marketing. As a result, there is no one “right way” of getting it done. The key is to deliver whatever your clients paid you for. Here are a few tips from blogging experts for all experienced, as well as first-time, bloggers.

Brian Clarke, CEO- Copyblogger

As a blogging expert with several years of experience, Brian advises writers on understanding their audience better than they understand themselves. It often requires a lot of questioning and research, but at the end of the day, all that trouble is worth it.

Simply ask your readers across various social media platforms with an engaging quote. If your readers respond positively to the quote, then the topic is definitely worth writing about. This technique works wonders if you’re coming up with a new and unique idea for a blog.

Neil Patel, Founder-KISSmetrics

Neil advises all professional and amateur bloggers to be consistent. It is one of the most important aspects of blogging. It is far easier to lose your web traffic rather than building it up, so make it a point to blog on a consistent basis.

This observation was further proved with a research by Hubspot. It conducted a two-month study, which revealed that businesses publishing frequent blog entries (at least two per week) succeeded in adding subscribers much faster than companies that added content only once a week.

Kristi Hines, Freelancer

Having worked with various organizations, Kristi advises bloggers to start building their own email list from day one. Even if you do not plan to sell anything, having a standby email list will allow you to promote your content and communicate with your target audience easily. This way, you need not worry about your search rankings.

When promoting your blogs through email listing, you can always experiment with your writing style and creativity. For instance, if you replace the line “subscribe by email” to “get jobs by email”, you can substantially improve your subscription rate- as Willy Franzen found out.

Darren Rowse, Founder- ProBlogger

For any business, customer retention is as important as an acquisition. Blogging is no exception to this rule either. If you have an avid reader base, you should appreciate them and encourage them from time to time. Look for new readers each day, but make it a point to thank your existing ones.

A blog is more than just online content. It is a promise to your readers that you always have something for their taste. This is what separates your blog from a generic newspaper article- a strong call to action with reader benefits and an emotional appeal.

Jeff Bullas, Author- Blogging the Smart Way

Everyone loves free gifts and giveaways. Your readers love that too. And that’s where Jeff Bullas comes in with his advice of giving away a truckload of free content that adds value to the readers’ lives. Websites with giveaway contest get nearly twice as many email subscribers are others. However, care should be taken when creating new content. It should be relevant, focused and to the point.

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5 of the Worst Social Media Marketing Campaigns EVER! 😞

In this article, “5 of the Worst Social Media Marketing Campaigns EVER!” are mentioned. Worth reading out to avoid the mentioned mistakes in your marketing campaigns to make them successful.


Social media marketing is ever-evolving. If used properly, a social media marketing campaign can help enhance your brand appeal and get you hot leads. However, there are some campaigns that fall flat. Here’s a list of five of the worst social media marketing campaigns that San Diego SEO experts advise you NOT to follow.

American Rifleman

With the ongoing debate on gun laws in the US, American Rifleman is already having a hard time convincing people to buy guns. Its association with the National Rifle Association has also been viewed with skepticism by pro-gun law activists.

In what was one of the most ill-timed social media marketing campaigns, the magazine posted a pro-gun tweet just when the US was recovering from the tragic Aurora Shooting Incident. The live tweet was met with severe criticism and forced the company to suspend its Twitter account for some time.


The use of hashtags has become a rage now. From celebrities and politicians to entrepreneurs and conglomerates, people are using hashtags to become trendy and start discussions. While there are several success stories, McDonald’s, unfortunately, got the bitter taste of it.

The fast-food giant started a new hashtag “#mcdstories” to engage with its customers. What followed next was a spectacular backlash as tech-savvy customers took to Twitter to post horrible stories about the company’s products. McDonald’s later admitted that their hashtag plan was a terrible idea.

American Apparel

Capitalism is all about opportunities. Successful businesses know when to seize opportunities and make millions. However, social media is one place where people resort to all sorts of unethical means to promote their viewpoint. And no one proves it better than American Apparel.

The popular fashion brand used Hurricane Sandy as the perfect opportunity for their promotions. With a flat 20% discount for 36 hours for those “stuck in the home and bored by the storm”, the company’s marketing gimmick incurred the wrath of angry customers and civil groups who called this campaign highly insensitive and inappropriate- in view of the damages hurricanes cost to the US.

J.P. Morgan

All of us who are active on social media know that the internet is a cruel and unforgiving place. It’s where internet trolls, elitists, disgruntled citizens, conspiracy theorists, self-styled reformists and God-knows-what lurk around, looking for the perfect gullible victim to take on. Unfortunately, J.P. Morgan became victimized with its social media marketing idea.

In an effort to reach out and engage with its customers, the company arranged a Q&A session on Twitter. Obviously unaware of the trouble it was getting into, Twitter users left no stone unturned in harassing the company over the next six hours with annoying and, at times, offensive questions.

Spearmint Rhino

There are some social media marketing ideas that are so cringe-worthy that they best belongs in one’s head. Which is why when this popular strip club chain let lose its “creative idea”, all hell broke loose on social media. And it is quite understandable why.

The company posted a photo of a baby with the caption “guess which one of our Rhino girls’ this baby belongs to?” The marketing experts at Rhino were careless enough not to notice that the photo was dated 1998- as printed in large across it. This suggests that the baby, in question, was actually 15 at the time the photo was put up by Rhino. This led to both confusion and concern as to whether the company employs minors.